Innovation: a Tale of Many Ideas

innovation Mind Map

Lately I’ve been pretty busy as us high school really get back into full grove of school mode and so there’s assignment where we have to come up with a what if project, but we’re not quite there yet. I’m still just figuring out exactly what that all means.One of the processes of creating a What If project involves innovation. You don’t have to create this crazy, complex idea that is revolutionary. You might just come to learn that the tiniest and unexpected idea produces a ripple effect of solutions. 

There’s this little village in a third world country where one man thought of something that would benefit hundreds of people in his village. His invention wasn’t even really made of unseen or new products. He used empty water bottles, pieces of roof material, and concrete and modified them to solve a monumental problem of the members in his community. They no longer had to pay for their light, or rather have hardly any light at all in their homes, which is what most of the town had to deal with. Once the natural light device was installed the sunlight would shine through the water bottle and bright light would illuminate the whole house. 

To see that something as simple as that can make such an extreme difference in the lives of many just flabbergasts me, especially because using the empty water bottles also lessens plastic products’ effect on the environment. Ideas don’t need to help others, but why not share whatever you create with others so they too can benefit. You never know how many other creative thoughts might float around your brain.


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