Expect the Unexpected


I’ve been thinking this over for the past few days: how sometimes life throws a curve ball at us and we all complain or agonize over it, when in reality the lesson or outcome of the situation is great. It might even benefit you in extremely valuable and positive ways. Now, as I say this please take into consideration that, yes there are the exceptions to this rule, but most of the time it is in fact a true statement.

Before I lose you, I’m going to tell you a story to help you understand what I mean by all of this. The flashback starts at a grass field, around eleven years ago when I was an eager, five year-old soccer player about to play in one of my first games. I loved playing forward even though in those days basically everyone played every position since we ended up congregating around the ball the entire time. Anyways, needless to say I was a wee bit disappointed when my dad, the coach, told me I had to play goalie–every game we would switch positions to be fair to everyone. Actually, to be quite frank I dreaded the fact that I, three-and-a-half-foot Tara, would have to stand in that ginormous goal while children shot the soccer ball at me.

The game started, and a couple of minutes in everyone started running like the wind in my direction. Meanwhile, my eyes were fixated on the fact that the other team had possession of the ball and were headed straight for me. The little girl kicked the ball as hard as her tiny feet could, and I shut my eyes tightly while shielding my face with my arms. Five seconds later, I heard cheering and peeked out from my closed lids to find the soccer ball lying near me in the goal. Of course, my dad and the rest of the parents did not blame me since I was only five, but some of my teammates became somewhat mad at me for shying away from the ball and allowing the other team to score.

Since that time, I still absolutely hate playing goalie, but I have realized that going through that dreadful experience gave me some pretty powerful life lessons. I learned that I can’t sit and let life pass me by, I need to charge at it full speed in order to get what I want. The best thing I learned about that day is that no matter what problems enter your life there is always some possible way to make the situation better.

P.S. If you have reached this point in my post thank you so much for actually caring enough to read all the way through. You are awesome and I hope this helped you with something in your life that started out bad and will hopefully change to good. If not, maybe this will come of use to you in the future. Goodnight, au revoir, and aloha!


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