Awesomeness: Level Amazing


Once again I happened to stumble upon greatness. As a book lover I always search for books that interest me which sometimes results in my stealing of books from my sister’s shelves or my moms gigantic piles of books from her library. Although, I am at times-well let’s be honest, I am all the time- very picky about the types of books I choose to read. Thus, you can assure that I was more than ecstatic to find this tumblr account made by the gods because it gives you a book that you may or not have read and depending on your opinion of that book they give you suggestions on other books you would possibly enjoy. Isn’t that like crazy cool how someone took the time to do that for you?! It will save me sooo much time-time that could be spent living in my fantasy book realms that I so often find myself engulfed in. Read your hearts out.


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