To Love or Not to Love?


For those of you who are not still in school, go back to a time when you were forced to write about something you may or may not have had any previous knowledge about. Depending on your personal level of interest in that subject, you were either a) incredibly bored, didn’t really know what to write about and you just sort of rambled on and on or b) you became so lost in your work and forgot that you were even writing something that was supposed to be graded later on. If situation b has ever happened to you then you probably know what I’m talking about when I say that when you’re interested in something it is A LOT easier to write about. In my case, the difference between writing about something I love and something that I don’t particularly like or am not interested in it’s like black and white. Sometimes I’ll just be sitting there on my laptop with two words on the page for an essay because I just cannot get myself into that particular realm of “writing possibilities” for that subject. Whereas when I write in my journal I could probably go on and on about whatever things are going on in my life. Anyways I just wanted to point out the obvious about how it’s so much easier to write about the things you love than to write about the opposite.


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