I have been so so so terribly inconsistent with keeping up on the silly picture of the week so I am going to give you a crazy picture overload here to sustain yourself if you even read my blogs (like all 10 of you).

So this is my sisters cat, Bentley, but we call him various nicknames like Beibs, Beiber…and so on. Anyways he HATES when I capture him and don’t let him go and so a few days ago I wanted to see what he looked like with no ears and this was the result.

So if you don’t personally know me then you wouldn’t know that I’m DEATHLY EXTREMELY POSITIVELY ABSOLUTELY afraid of spiders. I wouldn’t even run through a web of one daddy long legged spider for $1000. If anyone actually did this they would have to be insane.

Another thing you might not know about me is that I love tumblr and cats and well any animal basically. When I saw this I laughed for 5 minutes straight, no joke.


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