The Purpose of Creation


Although I know I’m probably entering pretty dangerous territory by talking about this I personally do not care because I have a right to state my opinion, therefore if you do not agree with my thoughts then you do not need to say anything mean or rude (please). Now I’d like to say that I know everything about everything there was or is and has ever existed in the universe but that is simply not the case. And yeah I know we all learn about the Big Bang and Charles Darwin’s theories on evolution but aside from everything scientists have learned up to this point what I want to know is if there is a purpose to all of this. Does some greater being that we are totally unaware of exist out there in far off space? Don’t even get me started on contemplating just how humongous the universe is and how it’s said that it’s expanding. I get to this point where my brain kind of malfunctions just from thinking about things like what if our universe is just some tiny black dot of space existing inside of some other dimension but we could be totally clueless as to that fact. What else is out there? I wanna know what is beyond the universe. Does anything exist outside of it? Are we all just the dust specs floating in some other creatures bed room on a sunny afternoon? The day that somebody can give me a finite answer and evidence to those questions may be extremely far away, or may possibly never come, but maybe that’s the awesomeness of it all. The fact that there are some things we will NEVER know. I could be ok with that because all in all it just leaves more creative and imaginative thoughts for me to explore.


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