H.O.W. Can We Help?

In case you were unaware, I am currently a Sophomore in High School and in my English Honors class we have this Innovation project, also known as our What If? project. The project basically gives us free range to create some sort of innovation process/idea/you name it to help others’ lives and create community.

So, naturally me being the animal-lover I am, I started thinking of ways to better the lives of animals. Don’t get me wrong though because that definitely was not my very first idea. I went through a range of what my teacher calls “bad idea farming” where I thought of things I wanted to change or make, but were virtually impossible and insane even. Going through that little process was supposed to help us filter out the bad ideas so there would be room for the wonderful and fantastic ideas to start funneling in. What I finally came up with was a non-profit organization that I wanted to start with a few others to help out my local wildlife and spread awareness to people about the reasons that animals are having to stay in shelters and animal care centers. I thought by making a documentary about the Huntington Beach Wetland & Wildlife Care Center would get that message out much more simpler and so people could see the tangible effects of human impacts on our wildlife and the environment. This was my rough draft plan for those ideas..

Somewhere along the trail of around 30 name ideas I came up with H.O.W. Aka Helping our Wildlife. Oh and in case I haven’t mentioned my two partners or secretaries are Tori and Giao, students from my English class. They integrated into my group when I was doing a “Crows and Crops” exercise with them. To put it simply, I was the “crop” and they were my “crows” to tell me the good and bad things about the idea/project I came up with and help me solve them.

20140205-074809.jpg Sorry guys, I’m getting off track; I write like I talk from time to time where I go off into wonderland from the main subject of which the whole purpose for me speaking in the first place originated. Back to my project, so some time had passed by during which I called the Huntington Beach WWCC to schedule an interview with them and talked to my mom’s friend, whom volunteers there, to see when she was available. But then I realized how I could do so much more than simply making documentaries that required multiple coordination with very busy volunteers at the shelters/care centers; so I altered the overall goals of organization.  I thought “well we should fundraise for them in the meantime,” especially because I knew it would take some time to be able to actually get to do an interview with WWCC. Then I thought “heck why not do that for all the future shelters we help out.” So this is out current mantra: We can fundraise to a certain extent for each center and then give it to them or go out and by supplies they need while at the same time alerting our viewers and as many people as we can why the animals need the help in the first place. Here’s a donation box made for our English class room.

20140205-101923.jpgWe wanted people to be able to hear about us and see all of our progress so we created a couple social media sites.6631242254516224

Helping Our Wildlife (_H_O_W_) on Twitter.clipularHelping Our Wildlife Non-Profit Organization - YouTube.clipularWe also made a Google+ page and a Google Site for H.O.W. but I didn’t like the way the website turned out and how inconvenient it was to upload to the Google+ page so we deleted those. Our first fundraiser was held at an Albertsons located in Huntington Beach. Tori, Giao, and I all baked various goods to sell at the bake sale and constructed signs informing the shoppers what the bake sale was for. I didn’t really expect us to make that much money from our first fundraiser because it was the first time we had done one and we were somewhat inexperienced. Although I was a Girls Scout a few years ago this bake sale was different in that 1) people love Girls scout cookies, 2)we weren’t selling them and 3)no body really wants to buy homemade brownies/cookies/cupcakes/Rice Krispies from strangers of some unknown non-profit organization. We had some ups and downs to the bake sale, but in the end raised $46.77 which is better than I thought we could do. Here’s a couple photos from that day.

Giao and Tori (H.O.W. secretaries)

Giao and Tori (H.O.W. secretaries)

1625682_287131058102265_1766264241_n 1611103_273857769436660_2086038030_o 1737322_273765809445856_1573838065_o 1606580_273765472779223_1372682004_o 1617445_273857756103328_708751126_o


So that’s how far we’ve come to this point, we are just waiting for the WWCC to call us back with their preferred time for the interview and [hopefully] tour. I also hope my fellow classmates donate items to the box in my English classroom because it is empty right now!


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