Essay: Writing Response

photoSo in my English honors class we read an essay centralized around the topic of little events or occurrences that happened or do happen in the lives of your childhood that an adult has made memorable by what they said or showed you, or even didn’t say at all. The essay also touched the topics how nature makes you feel unnecessary. In my response to the essay i wrote along the latter. Here’s what i said….

     A few years ago, I visited my cousins in Seattle, Washington. One of the hikes we went on suggested to me that “[I] do not belong her, [I] am unnecessary.” It was because of that simple thought that occurred to me during my stay that the event became etched forever in my memory.

     It was an exceptionally rainy day in the summer, and my cousins wanted to go out and explore. We hiked to a little forest with willows and various cool-looking shrubs where the most prevalent colors were about a thousand vibrant shades of green. Life was everywhere. Every direction you looked you could see that the forest was alive. Even at the parts showing humans were there, the plats grew up through the cracks, slowly eroding and erasing the evidence of man. We could see droplets of rain trickling down off of the leaves to fall into the soil where the baby plants were sprouting. No human intervention was needed for that tiny forest to thrive and thrive it did. Somewhere along the way, we stumbled upon time-worn railroad tracks that were rusted over and dominated by the elements. It made me think how even though we as humans need the earth and nature to survive, they do not need us.

     The little birds singing sweetly and the lone deer trotting by us nonchalantly made me feel so small and irrelevalent. The mere fact that nature could just obliterate the evidence left by man over time, causes you to see how insignificant the human race is to the existence of nature and its beauties.

Anyways those were my thoughts, I just wanted to share them with you guys. Oh and ps. sorry for any grammar errors I was typing while reading my paper and n=may have missed a word or two.


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