Funnyness With the Fam

So about an hour ago I was showing my parents some hilarious vine videos (if you don’t know what vine is 1. have you been hiding under a rock this past year? and 2. if that’s actually true then I’ll fill you in: it’s an iPhone/any smartphone app where people post 6 second videos of various, mostly ill-thought out things) and a couple of them starred some funny cats like this one above.

There were plenty more but I don’t want to overload you with cat videos lol (: Anyways, after showing them the vines my dad told me that I had to look up the video below of a kitten attacking apples and well, you have to see for yourself.

I’m a sucker for cat videos; I don’t know why considering I’m more of a dog person, but cats are just so scatter-brained and crazy. You never really know what to expect with them.

Ok maybe just one more…




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