Title This Whatever You Want

notepadIn my you-never-know-what-to-expect English Honors class today, my teacher told us to take out a piece of paper and a pen which isn’t abnormal for that class because he’s asked us to do that a couple of times. This particular time was a little more humorous than usual because there had been rumors that there was a reading check for the book we are currently reading, The Count of Monte Cristo, and a few of the people who usually don’t keep up with the reading were visibly freaking out which was quite amusing. Back to the topic, we had all taken out the materials he said to and were waiting for his next instructions when a fellow, bright classmate—who quite frankly is the non-stop, argumentative and dogmatist personality type—asked him a question (shocker). His/her question was, “What should we title this?” and my teacher’s response was to title it “whatever title we want,” ergo my title above which was exactly what I titled it on my notebook paper because I was feeling a little smart-alecky and only slept around four hours the night before so my brain was still waking up.

So he asked us this question, “What does your family do that makes you angry?” and this was my response:

(1-10; 10 being the highest level of anger)

  • When my mom or sister comes into my room and leaves, leaving the door wide open when it had been closed before they intruded. And then they don’t even come back to close it when I yell at them that they left it open! (level 1)
  • When my dad/brother/sister eat my left overs from a favorite restaurant. (level 1.9)
  •  When I’m already going to do a chore, such as the dishes, but my mother or father decides to yell from wherever they are in the house to tell me do my chores and then I suddenly DO NOT want to do them because they had the nerve to tell me to do them WHEN I WAS ON MY WAY TO DO THEM IN ABOUT FIVE SECONDS. (level 9.56)
  • When my sister steals clothes from my closet and loses them or gets a stain on them. (level 8)
  • When my brother tries to get all I’m-older-than-you-therefore-much-wiser on me and give me one of his “talks” on how I am behaving or some other thing I should or should not be doing. (level 5)
  • How my family always gets on my back if I stay home and watch TV or sleep and say, “Where are your friends, shouldn’t you call one of them to hang out?” LIKE NO MAYBE I WANTED TO HAVE A NICE RELAXING NIGHT AT HOME BECAUSE I DROWN IN HOMEWORK UP TO MY NECK ON WEEKDAYS SO JUST THIS ONCE I NEED A WELL-DESERVED BREAK. (level 9)


    I thought this picture best exemplified how my face would be regarding the last rant

There were more questions, but my answers for those were not as interesting and after typing up my answers for the first question I am now in a ranting mood and just want to go listen to music. Adios people.


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