My name is Tara and I’m still in high school, of which i cannot tell you in specifics because unfortunately creeps do exist on the internet (ha! shocker!).  Actually while we’re on that topic I want to tell you how I have had a stalker before and currently still do as he attends the same school as me, to my dismay.  We met in the fifth grade and I guess I might have been nice to him or something for this boy to create an infatuation with me to the point that I nicknamed him “Stalker *insert his name*” and all my best friends know him by that code name. Although it might be a little mean that I code-named him that, he kind of deserves it considering he has stalked me for almost seven years. I mean I have liked the same guy before for a while but not seven years!  Also, I was not completely obsessed with my crushes. Anyways, now that I’ve given you a little insight into my life I will tell you how much I hate having to right about myself because I can never figure out what to say to give off the right impression. I’ll either write something that is totally cliché and the focus of every single teenage girl’s life or I’ll spend too much time on one particular aspect of myself to not give off a clear image of myself at all. So I will settle for leaving you to guess and ponder about what my personality is like, how I see life, what I’m like at 3 in the morning when I can’t sleep, whether I pour the milk or the cereal into the bowl first, my preference regarding country music or indie, or if I dance around and sing really loudly in my room when no one else is home. Good luck (:


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