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Innovation Project H.O.W.

Over the past couple of years of my school education, I have come to realize that I learn and understand concepts much better when I can see them, so instead of writing about what my innovation project was and what I accomplished over my Sophomore year of high school with it, I decided to create a video.

Tori Kadulski (my partner) and I drove down to the beach and shot most of the footage there. It’s kind of a funny story because since the Wetands & Wildlife Care Center (the place I volunteer at) takes care of squirrels I thought it might be funny to try and video tape some of them. We went to squirrel park and spent about thirty minutes trying to track them down, but every time we were close they scurried back down their burrows.

Then, we went back to my house and recorded the voice overs about what did or did not happen with our project over the year.

Tori didn’t really know how to edit videos so I edited and composed the video which actually turned out better than I had planned it to.

Enjoy (:




Edited rocky_1_19Over the past couple of days in my English class we watched a movie that you may or may not be familiar with called Rocky. Looking at some individual parts of the movie, I thought it was sort of weird and awkward, maybe that’s just me because the time period between when the movie was made and how my life is now are so completely different. But, there is a “but” for those of you who disagree with my opinion, taking in the movie’s lesson as a whole and looking at the big picture I thought it was a pretty cool, feel-good movie. I mean I didn’t quite understand the ending, which may have been because of my lack of sleep these past few weeks of school because of teachers cramming in projects and homework (that’s a whole other story) but after my teacher explained why the movie ended the way it did it made more sense to me. I can definitely relate to reaching that personal goal of “I made it all the way, it doesn’t matter that I wasn’t the best or that I didn’t win. I made it. I proved myself strong enough to tough it out.”

Title This Whatever You Want

notepadIn my you-never-know-what-to-expect English Honors class today, my teacher told us to take out a piece of paper and a pen which isn’t abnormal for that class because he’s asked us to do that a couple of times. This particular time was a little more humorous than usual because there had been rumors that there was a reading check for the book we are currently reading, The Count of Monte Cristo, and a few of the people who usually don’t keep up with the reading were visibly freaking out which was quite amusing. Continue reading

Peanut Butter Pie

retro-peanut-butter-pie-recipe-photo-420-FF0905PBA13“Always try the peanut butter pie.” – Mr. Theriault

After an extremely comical day in the you-never-know-what’s-gonna-happen-next class with my English teacher, I can now say that I am pretty educated in the areas of dating as far as his Sophomore Edition of Dating 101 goes. This was basically the funniest day in this class this year so far. And it probably won’t be the last. Continue reading


MV5BMTIzMzM1Njk2Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMzI0MDU5._V1_SX640_SY720_In case you’ve never seen this movie, take it from me- a person who doesn’t usually like basketball movies- that you should definitely go rent it and watch it. At the beginning of the movie I was thinking, “oh this is one of those old, kinda weird movies from the 80’s so it’ll probably be super boring,” but by the end of the movie you could definitely say that there was moisture in my eyes lol. Also, parts of the movie didn’t quite happen how I expected them to so that’s always a plus for me that I was unable to predict the right outcome of the story-line.