Music Diary

In case you guys haven’t noticed yet I LOVE country music and I’m not apologizing if you hate it lol 😛


Music Diary

So a few weekends ago I went to see the new movie, Divergent, and I LOVED it! I told my mom that I have to read the books so I can be filled in when the next movie of the series premieres. Anyhow, this was a song from the movie’s soundtrack that I liked a lot. Oh and don’t be surprised if you see more of the movie’s songs because I liked A LOT of them… hehe (; 

Title This Whatever You Want

notepadIn my you-never-know-what-to-expect English Honors class today, my teacher told us to take out a piece of paper and a pen which isn’t abnormal for that class because he’s asked us to do that a couple of times. This particular time was a little more humorous than usual because there had been rumors that there was a reading check for the book we are currently reading, The Count of Monte Cristo, and a few of the people who usually don’t keep up with the reading were visibly freaking out which was quite amusing. Continue reading