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Edited rocky_1_19Over the past couple of days in my English class we watched a movie that you may or may not be familiar with called Rocky. Looking at some individual parts of the movie, I thought it was sort of weird and awkward, maybe that’s just me because the time period between when the movie was made and how my life is now are so completely different. But, there is a “but” for those of you who disagree with my opinion, taking in the movie’s lesson as a whole and looking at the big picture I thought it was a pretty cool, feel-good movie. I mean I didn’t quite understand the ending, which may have been because of my lack of sleep these past few weeks of school because of teachers cramming in projects and homework (that’s a whole other story) but after my teacher explained why the movie ended the way it did it made more sense to me. I can definitely relate to reaching that personal goal of “I made it all the way, it doesn’t matter that I wasn’t the best or that I didn’t win. I made it. I proved myself strong enough to tough it out.”


No Words

losswide-620x349I don’t know who Sean Severson was. I never had the chance to get to know him or ever meet him. I don’t know if I ever walked by him in the hallways or accidentally bumped into him while rushing to class. I never will know him or have the opportunity to see him smile after hearing a funny joke, or hold the door open for him like I do everyday for countless other strangers that this could also be about.

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So I Had a Bad Day..

You know when you wake up and you’re already not feeling it so you automatically know that you’re day is just not going to go smooth at all? Well that’s how today started out for me. By the start of 2nd period my day was already completely terrible. I was in a somber mood, extremely stressed from too many tests and essays, and physically exhausted from lack of sleep. When things couldn’t get any worse I somehow stumbled upon this video at a time when i seemed to need it the most. This video actually lifted my spirits quite a bit. It just goes to show how the littlest of actions or words and phrases can have unforeseeable affects on people.

Turning Up the Heat (On Dad)

Turning Up the Heat (On Dad) - Stuff Kids Write.clipularI absolutely LOVE this! I was exploring the freshly pressed posts last night and came across a blog upon another blog and on that blog found I another blog and so on until I found myself on stuffkidswrite.com where I laughed for a good five minutes when I found this post. It uncannily reminds me of my childhood, specifically my sister because she used to do write letters like this to my dad on various things she wanted. Share this with someone else who needs a good laugh. (:

Stalling my dreams


So I should probably be asleep right now considering I have to wake up pretty early tomorrow morning on a SATURDAY to go take a darn PSAT test and then spend the rest of the day in SAT boot camp, but I just had to share this lovely photo of a man kayaking in the ocean. It had me thinking how you never know what’s around the corner, or well in this man’s case you never know what’s around your shoulder. LOL. You get the point, but as I was saying you never know what could happen so you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunities that come your way. Sleep well lovelies (: